Phentermine Yellow

Phentermine Yellow is a pill that was available as a resin matrix capsule for several years, but that is no longer being sold in the United States. This pill was the product of the manufacturer that produced Ionamin. It was a slow release version of the formulation, which contained 30 mg of the active ingredient.

The Phentermine Yellow pills were yellow in color (hence the name), oblong in shape, and had a more solid appearance than the tablets and the regular blue capsules. The words “IONAMIN 30” were printed onto the pill in black lettering in order to make it easier to recognize.

The Phentermine Yellow capsules received their FDA approval and had been successfully sold there, but they are now available only in Australia. They never lost their FDA approval, but they have still been withdrawn from the American marketplace by being discontinued for sale.

The format of this drug may have been unique, but Phentermine Yellow worked in the same way as all of the other forms of this medication. As a sympathomimetic amine, it is a medicine that stimulates that central nervous system (CNA), which includes both the brain and the nerves, in order to produce a number of various responses. Among them is an increase of the blood pressure and the heart rate due to the “fight or flight” effect, which comes from the hypothalamus part of the brain, which also plays a role in appetite.

When this response occurs, one of the outcomes of the use of Phentermine Yellow can be appetite suppression. This means that the dieter will be able to take this pill so that it will be easier to stick to a healthy diet that includes fewer calories every day. Officially, this is known as an anorexigenic effect. Though it does not actually cause weight loss to occur, it can make it easier for a dieter to produce his or her own weight loss through proper healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes.

Phentermine Yellow can also cause an energy increase to occur. Again, that does not directly produce weight loss, but as there is usually an exercise program prescribed at the same time as this drug, many dieters find that being energized can help them to keep up with those workouts and to maintain higher motivation.

The drug also came with the same risk of side effects, as Phentermine Yellow could produce a number of unwanted reactions as well as potential addiction.